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Welcome to summer hill educational trust

Welcome to Hanfia Model Higher secondary school kreeri where the standard of excellence provides a successful foundation.
Our "students Centered" education is designed to support indiudual learning styles to provide students with a rewarding educational experience that allows them to reach their full potential. At Hanfia model higher secondary students are immersed in a high quality learning environment where students and teachers work together in a caring, vibrant learning community that fosters personal and intellectual growth. Our teachers and administrators are professionals who are committed to understanding each students goal.


To be an Institution of excellence, dedicated to unique ones.


To provide holistic and integral development to the students, thoughts the dedication of versatile and innovative educators. Enabling the students to take their right ful place in society and built a new and better tomorrow to fulfill our vision we provide:
A sensitive sophisticated human being through value education.
A healthy mind and body through sports and games.
A peaceful state of mind and through extra curricular activities and counseling.


Dear Students and Parents,
It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Summerhill Edu. School. We have students from all around the Kreeri; I am sure you will feel right at home here.
We provide a unique educational experience for children in elementary to higher-school by devoting all of our efforts to our strong mission, philosophy, and culture on a daily basis. As you will realize from reading this website, our goal is to provide our diverse student body with exceptional education, instilling in young people a love of learning, the ability to think independently, and the confidence to pursue their dreams and goals. To do that for our students, we offer an extraordinary academic and extracurricular program with high standards; we support each of our students as they work to reach the goals we set for them.

It is with great pride that I serve as the Chairman of Summer Edu.Trust. I believe in the education we offer at Summerhill school, just as I believe in our faculty and our students. As you look through the following pages, envision your child in this environment, where we emphasize the important qualities of integrity, honesty, creativity, imagination, perseverance, respect, and self-discipline. If you want the very best for your child, Summerhill school is your choice. We will welcome you warmly, and you will be excited by what you see here.


Once students enroll into Summerhill Edu. School, they become members of the As they embark upon a higher school education, they will engage in many challenges and demands to become a successful student and future leader in today's society. To meet these challenges and demands, the Summerhill school offers them "Standards of Excellence" in its academic and technical programs that will allow them to become productive citizens and life-long learners while pursuing their future endeavors.

In pursuing their educational experience and ensuing success at the Summerhill School, the faculty and staff challenges them to:

  • Respect themselves and be courteous and respectful to others at all times;
  • Act appropriately and conduct themselves in an orderly and respectful manner;
  • Abide by and respect school policies, regulations, and procedures; and
  • Be responsible for their educational experience.
In meeting these challenges, they will:
  • Create a climate for educational and social growth;
  • Cultivate a reverence for learning;
  • Achieve a level of academic excellence in all of their subject areas; and
  • Achieve a standard of excellence in their pursuit of technical Education.
The Summmerhill School provides a lifetime of opportunities for greatness and success. If they, the students, take advantage of the teachings of our dedicated and committed staff, an educational environment that offers the best academic and technical programs in the state, and a school climate that promotes compassion and nurtures every student, they will be winners! If they accept the challenges and are motivated, the staff and faculty promise them a sucessful and prosperous experience in preparation for their future.
This is their time, their life, and their future.
Welcome and best wishes,

Gh. Hassan Bhat

Welcome to the Summer Hill Educational Trust website. As you go through the pages of this site, you will learn about our wonderful students, our School, and get a feel for the vibrancy and strength of our wider Summer Hill Educational School community.

Summer Hil Educational School is one of the leading providers of Higher secondary education in the Northern Territory Of Kashmir. We aim to give every student in our care the very best possible education in order to prepare his/her for life beyond school. We are a 'Learning Community' which encourages staff, students, past students and parents to involve themselves fully in all aspects of school life and to identify themselves with its core values of Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Cooperation and Achievement. Our school is large enough to provide a broad and differentiated curriculum that caters for varied interests and abilities.

Our educational program is wide and varied and our record of success in the Northern Territory of Kashmir results is outstanding. Students find they can pursue their interests and strengths to the best of their ability, and are encouraged to achieve their personal best. We are proud of our record and of our success in helping students achieve their dreams once they leave school.At the same time, our vision of education extends far beyond the classroom. We encourage our students to involve themselves in the broad co-curricular program. Learning here takes place in many shapes and forms. Students have the opportunity to participate fully on the sporting field, on the stage, in leadership activities, Vocational Education and Training courses and on the Debating platform.

We expect high standards in all that we do at Summer Hill School. We encourage our students to aim higher and higher in their studies, to work hard and hard to be sensitive to the rights and needs of others.

Of course, this website cannot take the place of visiting our School; I warmly welcome you to visit our School by contacting us, and discover firsthand what makes a Summer Hill education so special.

We are looking forward to the sincere and enthusiastic cooperation of the students and their parents.

  • Syed Humayun QaisarDirector Radio Kashmir Syed Humayun Qaisar in his adress impressed upon students to work hard with dedication, consistency and commitment to succeed in various fields.He agreed to render to full support and cooperation in organising various awareness programmes for the students. __Syed Humayun Qaisar (Director Radio Kashmir)

  • Tariq Ahmad ChalkooProf. Tariq Ahmad Chalkoo talked about the role of mindset in perusing various careers.He said workshops on career counselling will conducted in the institution in near future __Prof. Tariq Ahmad Chalkoo

  • Dr Mir FazailThe session become much more interesting when the worthy guest Mr. Fazail was invited on the stage to present his golden views. He briefed about various aspects of Physics and made it comprehendible to the budding students.

    __Dr. Mir Fazail (Scientist)

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